Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodels are also a popular upgrade to existing homes. Sometimes you walk around the house looking at how you've reorganized and purchased new furniture, then you walk into the bathroom and you feel like you've stepped into a time machine. At that point it's time to call up Easton Homes, LLC and make a plan to give your bathroom a face lift.

You would be surprised at what simply removing older fixtures and tile/linoleum/carpet can do for a bathroom. Especially if you take out that shower curtain and replace it with a glass door and install a rainfall shower head. These kinds of improvements will also bring the value of your house up if you ever decide to sell it or re-finance.

Once again, another big plus about Easton Homes LLC is that we have the ability to build custom cabinetry to fit our clients needs. We also do custom built ins for bathrooms to hold towels, toiletries, etc. So whether you are looking for a custom vanity or custom built in organizer, we have you covered!

Roofing Repair

It can be difficult to determine the current status of your roof. Especially with the Colorado weather varying so much from wind, to sun, to hail, rain and snow. Then as if that's not enough, entire neighborhoods get bombarded by roofing companies checking for any damage which can make some homeowners feel uneasy about their intentions.


You will not see the Easton Homes Team at your door step after these storms. In fact, most of our roofing business is derived from references from previous clients. This is something the Easton Homes Team is extremely proud of. 

However, we would be glad to help anyone in need. Whether it is storm damage, worn down shingles, missing shingles, etc. No matter the reason, we would be glad to assist you in re-roofing your project. Whether it be a residence, office building, commercial building, etc. 


Some quick tips to look for when evaluating a roof:

First and Foremost: Safety First, if you don’t have the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), don’t climb onto your roof!

Layers: there should really only be one MAYBE two layers of shingles. If there are additional layers, your roof could be too heavy which
could result in collapse or caving situations.


Color: New Shingles have fine stones (granulars) on them, if these have worn off, your roof will be susceptible to sun, wind and water


Collateral Damage: When considering hail damage look to see if the gutters are damaged, roof vents dented, etc. 

Kitchen Remodel

At Easton Homes, we believe everyone deserves to have their dream kitchen become a reality. This has become increasingly popular ever since homeowners have had access to the various DIY shows on TV. It is important to note that some kitchen remodels could be a DIY project, these types of activities have been known to bring families together. However some remodel plans are extensive and that is when it might be in your best interest to consult a professional like Easton Homes LLC.

Here at Easton Homes we have a lot of experience in building and remodeling. That being said, we see the function of a kitchen, how the layout should be and how much space you'll need to make the kitchen work around you, instead of you working around your kitchen. We would gladly sit down with you and discuss your custom design and go from there!

Easton Homes is also proud to offer custom cabinetry, which means you won't be limited to those big box stores for your dream kitchen appearance. If you want a Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet but it's not the standard width or height, no problem. You want a 56" tall upper cabinet, we can do that too. Our Cabinet Maker is top notch, if you give him an idea or design, he can make it happen.

Due to the experience we have with building custom homes, we have excessive knowledge about high end appliances as well as popular brand name appliances. So whether your kitchen appliance budget is set in that mid to upper range, we can offer you advice as to where to look and how it functions because we install them in all our homes.

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Need a new look?

Easton Homes LLC Remodel division would love the opportunity to take the home you love and make it more functional and modern while maintaining the character of your existing home. We would be glad to be your remodeling contractors for all types of remodeling whether it be additions, renovations or tenant finishes. Our services include Basement finishes, bathroom and kitchen remodels, garages, decks, roofing, concrete work and more! If there's anything you need done, give us a call, together we can make your dream home a reality.

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